Mission Statement:  At Smiley's we want to make you the customer feel like you are walking into your own home.  We pride ourselves on Customer Service (the real kind) and we feel that there is NOT another store within miles that can offer what Smiley's does.  We ALWAYS go the extra mile for you.  Oh there have been many that have tried but but you can't duplicate something that comes from the heart!  Yes, we LOVE what we do, we LOVE our  customers (okay 98% of them) and we LOVE being in the community of  Dover NH..there is no better place on earth!! Thank you for making Smiley’s “The Place To Be” for the last 23 PLUS years!


The Letter Some of the Reasons Why we made the Choice to Close.....


For All Your Keg Needs I suggest Gary's in Portsmouth NH.......You can Also Go to Redhook/Smuttynose/Bayside/NH Dist/Amoskeag and Great State for all of your Keg Needs....


Please support your LOCAL owned businesses....Dustin's Market on Portland Ave...City Hall Market Central Ave......Janeto's up the Street from us.....Fiddlehead's up on Central Ave.....La Festa.....That's all that is left of your LOCAL businesses or at least the ones that I have respect for..the ones that don't bad mouth other businesses...the ones who are in business for the right reasons....Let the others fight between themselves.....I have ZERO respect for them...To Hear it They are the reason we closed...NOT TRUE.....I would even Support Market Basket, Shaws, Shop and Save before them...at least they employ local people which in turn puts $$ back into the area!  These LOCAL people care about the Community and the People in that Community....  Remember folks we do have voices and choices....Let's help people like Joe to have the American dream....

Thank you for the an unforgettable 24 plus years!  We will be back..we will be the same...With someone Younger who has dreamed of owning Smiley's since he was 17 years old!




Stay tuned For A Better Smiley's Location and Grand Opening to be announced...



Please Support Your Local Business


Yeastern Homebrew Supply  Great Homebrew Shop In Dover, NH

Fury's  Great Pub  Bar/Local Music Scene/Restaurant

Kelly's Row Great Restaurant  Restaurant/Bar/ Local Music Scene

Dover Brickhouse  Bar/Local Music Scene/Food







[Under Construction]








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